The Diamond Rush Synopsis

It's 2049. And although some things haven’t changed (the world is in the grip of another double dip recession) one thing has. Space travel is no longer the preserve of the rich. Which is handy for unemployed Londoner Simon Remnant who, like the rest of the world, is gripped by diamond fever following the discovery of an asteroid made of diamond just beyond Mars.

SEC, the successor to the recently disbanded NASA, bring top US astronaut Errol Haygue out of retirement to captain their mission to bring home the diamond to boost the US economy.

Up against SEC’s awesome space power, knowledge and hardware, and in a race with the thousands of other gem hunters who are launching missions to the asteroid belt daily, Remnant’s chances of getting his hands on any diamond are as thin as his hair. But desperation, adversity and an overwhelming desire to do something useful with his life combine to give Remnant motivation to overcome his underdog status.

THE DIAMOND RUSH traces Remnant’s against all odds mission to the asteroid belt, charting the obstacles he faces being a regular guy who’s up in space and up against the world’s greatest space superpower.

Will he, won’t he beat Haygue and make it back home with the diamond? Will South African diamond baron Zeut Haalange scupper all their plans? And most worrying of all, with the diamond causing unprecedented unrest on Earth, will they all have a home to come back to?


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