The blurb on A Big Bluff And Some Green Stuff

Jake Rodwell has a big problem that’s getting worse. His boss DCI Bannen has dubbed it criminal magnetism - a knack of being in the right place at the right time to witness crime.


But the crimes Rodwell is witnessing are becoming increasingly serious. So much so, he’s worried about spending time with his wife and daughter, in case they fall victim. And that’s causing a strain on his relationship.


So when Bannen offers Rodwell the chance of a job in Bluff Cove, a sleepy village in Cornwall, he’s jumps at it. But as soon as he arrives for an interview, Rodwell senses all is not well. The local farmer received a death threat the night before. The village’s lone PC, Lennard Murphy, is gruff and unwelcoming. And the recent arrival of US TV historian Bertram Blaine and his team of American archaeologists has set the villagers on edge.


A blinding flash of light from the cove signals the start of a series of events that throw Bluff Cove into chaos and threaten not only the villagers’ way of life, but mankind’s very existence.

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