200 years after The Gold Rush, another valuable discovery sends the world into a frenzy.

THE DIAMOND RUSH is an offbeat space adventure novel that follows one man's thrilling quest to get his hands on the biggest dangling carrot in history.

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Simon Remnant’s not your average hero. Oh no. As far as heroes go, he’s way below average. Absent father, absent-minded lover, unskilled and untrustworthy. None of them do his uselessness justice.


So there are no expectations other than failure when he joins the mid- 21st Century’s equivalent of The Gold Rush – a race to get-rich-quick through plundering the dazzling fortunes offered by an asteroid brimming with diamond deposits.


Remnant provides the brawn in a dubiously talented and totally incompatible crew of three aboard a ship that’s not expected to make it higher than the treetops.


Can he overcome his underdog status? And can he beat the mighty NASA to the asteroid belt and return home with a life-changing cut of the loot?


Lymon’s debut novel is an outlandish underdogs adventure that mashes the thriller and sci-fi genres into a pulp of highly entertaining, uniquely-told fiction that’ll leave you believing that even waaaaaaay below average heroes deserve to have their story told.


The Diamond Rush Reviews


A well-crafted tale of the underdog



Nice work. Hope to read more from this author.



A good read.  I recommend it



OK, here's the thing that's amazing about this book. There were several instances of what? that's not possible situations. But the book is so good YOU DON'T CARE.

Strap yourself in and read The Diamond Rush if you...

• Like adventure novels that are way, way out there

• Think age is no barrier to heroism

• Want an underdog story with a 63-year-old hero you can root for

• Value story and entertainment above scientific accuracy

• Want easy to read pulp fiction

About The Author 

Jon Lymon hails from the hotbed of literary creativity that is South Croydon, South London. The profile picture posted here no doubt shows how he looked several years ago.


The Diamond Rush is his debut novel and mashes the sci-fi, adventure, and how to build a spaceship in your garage genres into a pulp of B-Movie grade fiction that you'll either love or loathe.

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Review Of The Diamond Rush' 63 Year Old AntiHero

"The lead character was too much like my Dad. And having lived through the experience once, I don't really care to revisit it. So if Remnant changes his ways for good, or finds redemption, I couldn't tell you."


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