They said evil animal spirits couldn't possess humans. They were wrong. Dead wrong.


"Unexpected and captivating."



"Pretty well out there."



"I read it in one day."



"I've read better."



The Wronged is a zombie novel with a flesh twist

Evil is buried deep in us all.


Enter Saltonstall Farm and that evil will slowly rise to the surface and explode with devastating savagery. 


Unsurprisingly, the realtors left those details out of their description of the property they sell to former advertising executive Caitlin Carragher.


She's looking for somewhere safe to raise her daughter and calm her loose cannon husband.


She chooses badly.


Soon Caitlin realizes she must unmask and defeat the powerful force that plagues Saltonstall Farm before it rips her world to shreds.

The Wronged could be the right zombie novel for you if you like:

• Zombie novels with a difference

• Scary books for adults

• Great horror books with unexpected twists

• Top horror books that give you a squeaky bottom

Customer reviews of horror novel The Wronged



It took a few chapters to get into this book but after I finally got into it I liked the read.




This was a good read. Unexpected and captivating. I will keep an eye out for more books by this author.




The story line was pretty good and it flowed well. I liked that the author didn't use too many descriptive wording and got to the story line. Even tho it was pretty well out there I still enjoyed it.




I started to read this just because I was bored and the only book I had on my Kindle. I have to say I read it in one day. It was a great book that I couldn't put down!!

About The Author Of The Wronged

Jon Lymon writes novels with a slash of zombie, a stab of pathos and a side swipe of satire. He hails from South London and is probably older than the profile picture you see here.


"I  was forced to hire professional cleaners to tidy up the bloody mess that I created at the end of The Wronged. If you like your houses haunted, your locals eerie and your reads blood splattered, you won't go far wrong with this."

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