Synopsis of A Dead Chick And Some Dirty Tricks

Jake Rodwell’s uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time to witness crime has seen him become the force’s top thief-taker. But he wants out before his ‘skill’ for attracting criminals gets his wife and daughter hurt, or worse.

Trouble is, policing is all he knows. So when magician, Dino Camballi staggers from his apartment, his own ornate daggers protruding from his torso, Rodwell is assigned to guard the patient in hospital.

But the wounded magician is keeping a dark, awesomely powerful and utterly shocking secret hidden until he is fit enough to unleash it. Only by uncovering the truth about the mysterious magician will Rodwell survive his encounter with Camballi and ensure the ones he loves aren’t dragged into the dark and dangerous conspiracy that’s slowly infecting the doctors, nurses and patients at Turpenton General Hospital.

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