The Zombie Cop Synopsis

This is no ordinary zombie apocalypse. For starters, it erupts on the Wednesday before Christmas. Its epicentre is a Cornish village some might call sleepy. And it seems not all zombies are aggressive.


Unfortunately for him, PC Jake Rodwell encounters one of the aggressive types, and one bite leads to another. But the intravenous intervention of a serum stops him turning zombie, leaving him trapped in a halfway house between the living and undead. A hybrid, who, like all zombies, can only be killed with a headshot. 


Rodwell also finds himself trapped in a real house, belonging to his in-laws, The Duke and Dolores Nelson. They blame him for their daughter’s death, but love their granddaughter Emily dearly. They hate Rodwell’s boss DCI Bannen with a passion and just about tolerate his colleague WPC Strickland, both of whom are sheltering in their house from the undead.


DCI Bannen sees potential in Rodwell using his hybrid state to lead the fight against the zombies, what with no regular police or government. But Rodwell wants to look after his daughter, adamant only he can properly care for Emily. Bannen insists no one else can take on the zombies. This story would end here if Rodwell didn’t agree to hit the streets as the lone upholder of the law, his daughter alongside him. And when a shocking incident in the house makes it impossible for Rodwell to stay, that’s what happens. Bannen prepares him to be the world’s first zombie cop, complete with car, unique but not particularly stylish uniform, and promises of reinforcements. Soon -ish.  


Out in the world where humans hide at home and the streets are alfresco restaurants, Rodwell finds an ally, Becky, the young landlady from the inn in that Cornish village. Her crush on him and ace zombie fighting skills finally lead to Rodwell falling for her. But Rodwell’s declining health and determination to solo-parent Emily, prevent their relationship from blossoming. And when Rodwell brings home a young looter, Kris, whom he’s rescued from a zombie herd, Becky and Kris soon strike-up a relationship.


Rodwell hides his hurt by devoting time to Emily and policing. And peace breaks out on the streets with many undead happy to just pull each other’s hair out and co-exist with the living. The arrival of Bannen’s police reinforcements changes all that. What should be cause for celebration is actually the opposite. Whatever that is. Like Rodwell, the police are hybrids. But unlike Rodwell, they’re aggressive, intent on killing everything.

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