Horromedy Files II: A Killing Spree and Some Bloody Zombies

Bluff Cove. Cornwall. England. The unwitting epicentre of a bloody zombie uprising, freak alien invasion and fake chemical spillage is now in lockdown.


Armed forces have been deployed to take out the remaining isolated pockets of zombie activity.


Battling not to join the legions of the undead is JAKE RODWELL. Nursing a zombie bite, he's straddling the chasm between life and death.


Hated by the criminal underworld for his uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time to stop crime, Rodwell becomes a sitting target for a syndicate boss who dispatches a trio of assassins to take out Rodwell.


Worse still for our hero, he receives news that his daughter has slipped into the clutches of a force even more destructive than the encroaching zombie apocalypse.


Can Rodwell survive his bite, fight off the assassins and save his daughter? You'll sure get your fill of flesh-ripping action finding out.



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