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Jon Lymon seems to be one of the few authors who's NOT a New York Times bestseller, although hailing from South London, England, that's hardly surprising.


Less of a surprise is the pure contempt for which Lymon has for AI that's used in the creative arts. There's simply no need for it. Use machines to cure diseases and leave art for humans to learn and enjoy.


His utter disgust at those who shun human creatives in favour of machines trained on copyrighted material has spawned a trio of ficitious works (Last Writer Sitting / Only A Tool, The Pub Gardeners and The Ghost of Christmas Threeve) that have led him to self-proclaim Anti-AI Fiction Author status, probably the first author in the world to do so.


That clearly makes Lymon the most successful Anti AI Author on the planet. And the least successful. 


Before this disgraceful, discriminatory tech polluted the mainstream with plastic cack, Lymon was an author of horror novels with a slash of satire and a bathtub of bloody bathos, all of which skilfully dodged the best seller lists in New York and every other city on Earth. 


However, his titles did manage to delight and disappoint delicious readers across the globe.


Lymon currently lives in London with his two daughters and trusty pet dog.





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